Recently got on social media to document my journey as an artist. I hope to improve with time and practice.

Class year of 2016-2017 I decided to take an adventure into rigging. Many thanks to my instructor Frank Naranjo.

In tandem with my love of animation, I also maintain a deep appreciation for every aspect of the CG pipeline. This reel was created in acknowledgement of the look development side of computer graphics from my Maya I class, with much thanks to Brendan Gallagher for guiding us on our journeys.

Alas, the train project! This is a fun yet ferocious 4-5 week sophomore project that has become an SVA tradition. Co-directed with Frank Lee, this project threw us into the rigors of producing a short, from conceptualization to finish. 

Responsibilities: Story, Cameras/Layout, Rigging, Animation, Partial Lighting/Rendering, Partial Compositing, Sound